Our System

The MIND Learning System

The key elements of our MIND Learning System:

  • Clear, concise and examination-focused summary notes;

  • Emphasis on concept understanding and their applications;

  • Motivational teaching with dialogue, quizzes and healthy competition​;

  • Small class size;

  • Close attention and adaptation to each student's strengths and weaknesses to bring out the best in them;

  • Regular topical tests and mock midyear and final year examination tests with questions from past year series and top-school papers;

  • Use of science experiments and observations to interest students in Science.;

  • Computer-based learning to complement teacher-based teaching to vary the learning experience of our students;

  • Committed and qualified graduate teachers who are registered with MOE;

  • Intensive exam preparation process to gear students for the months prior to the PSLE / N / O / A level examinations;

  • Targeting of each student's weak areas to improve their concentration and confidence;

  • Goal setting, championships and other motivational processes that students enjoy.​

Exam Preparation

We also have time-tested rigorous process geared towards preparing our students systematically and comprehensively for PSLE, N, O and A level examinations;

  • Regular mock-examination tests for each student according to his/her needs and abilities;
  • Rigorous tracking of each student's achievement process through the our recording system;
  • Continuous improvement to our repository of top school papers and official examination scripts.​