The A-Team

At Mind Centre (Bishan), our innovative techniques have enabled many students to attain A’s for their PSLE, IP, IB, GCE’O’ and ‘A’ Level exams. We help our students develop at his/her own pace. Through our programmes and special techniques, we help each child to reach their maximum potential.


Teacher Eileen: English


Eileen Chua is passionate in coaching her students in writing and speaking the English Language. Armed with over 20 years of work experience in honing writing, speaking and presentation skills, she imparts her knowledge and teaches English in a fun and creative manner with a result-oriented approach.

Teacher Brenda: Chinese


Teacher Brenda has been coaching students for a few years. Her experience as a relief teacher under M.O.E  enhances her teaching experience . She is very precise and direct when students ask her questions, and can clarify their doubts easily with her.


Teacher Alison: All Subjects


Teacher Alison graduated from National Institute of Education (NIE) with a diploma in education. Since 2011, she had worked in various primary schools in Singapore. She understands that different students have different learning styles and she matches her teaching styles to their learning needs.


Teacher Alan: Math


Teacher Alan has a PHD in Business and Management and more than 10 years of tuition experience. He is our Maths coach for Primary to Secondary, IP and IB. Many students under Alan have benefited and achieved multiple grade jumps.


Teacher Hendra: Chemistry


Teacher Hendra is our Chemistry Coach for Junior College (JC), Upper Secondary, IP and IB Full time since 2012 with proven results. He had BSc (Hons) in chemistry, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Gold Medal, Absolute Winner, Best Theory in Chemistry Olympia. He explains chemistry in such a way that it is easy for the students to understand which allowed them to obtain better grades in examinations.


Teacher Elsie: English

Elsie pic

Elsie is an undergraduate pursuing her major in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in NTU. Having taught English (N level) and social studies (N level) for over a year, she has cultivated an interest in working with students, and in helping them enjoy studying, as the process is more important than the results.


Teacher Amar: History and Social Studies

Amar pic

Amar graduated with a law degree with upper 2nd class honours from University of London in 2010. He enjoys reading, music, comedy, sports and intellectual pursuits. He is an independent thinker and encourages his students to express themselves and their views. He believes a good teacher is one who can inspire others to learn.