Xin Quan improved from a C6 to an A2 for her 'O' Level Pure Chemistry. When asked by her tutor, to share what she thought helped her make that big improvement, she stated the following: 

"I think you've helped me strengthen my basic concepts and you kept repeating some of the things in lessons for example keep on asking the same questions I think it made memorising easier. And I feel that the studyguide book was a great help too and that you kept on referring back to it made me become more familiar with the facts and improved my self study since I know where are the facts."

Xin Quan articulated a key 1st step in our Mind Centre method which is the clarifying of concepts using a Question & Answer method by a good tutor who questions and points out key concepts to students from a good studyguide containing all the required chapters. This helps students who feel very challenged by the subject to gain confidence. Thereafter, students are asked to do many good questions which have complete solutions provided, followed by a short test to ascertain their level of mastery of the topic.

Xin Quan, 2014 GCE 'O' Levels