"I owe my solid foundation in Science to Mind Centre. Starting from Primary 5, I was exposed tointriguing science experiments that were not demonstrated in school throughout my time with Mind Center. These experiments were not just memorable, but they were very related to the syllabus as well. This helped me obtain an A for Science in the PSLE.

Continuing onto secondary school, Mind Centre focused on teaching us and enforcing studying methods (mind maps and drilling questions) which I felt was an extremely beneficial skill to have. By sticking to their studying style, I managed to achieve all As for Chemistry, Physics and Biology in the 'O' levels.
In my JC years with them, abstract concepts were discussed and made crystal clear. This helped us appreciate the subject instead of merely memorizing facts, and made studying Chemistry and Physics a joy. By using the same study methods I used in secondary school, I managed to obtain anA for both Chemistry and Physics in the 'A' levels. Thank you Mind Centre for helping me Ace in every crucial examination!"

Lianne from Victoria Junior College, 2013 GCE 'A' Levels​​​​